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Adjust Fan Speed While Watching Netflix or Hulu

When watching Netflix or Hulu or any other entertainment you cannot adjust the fan speed of a/c of the car. You have to exit of the screen and then go back and restart which may take a long time. I would like an easy way without stopping the theater program to adjust temperature.


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Smart Seat Heaters / Seat Heaters Relative to Cabin Temp

Instead of manually controlling the seat heaters, it would nice if the seat heater temp would be controlled relative to the cabin temperature. So as the cabin temp warms up, the seat heaters slowly ramp down the heat so my butt isn't 🔥 .


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Increase temperature range in dog mode

Increase temperature in dog mode to about 15,5°C - 26,5°C (60°F-80°F).

Currently, the lowest possible temperature in my Model 3 when activating "dog mode" is 19° C. In winter my dog, a Golden Retriever, would much prefer to have it colder. When it is 0° C outside, 16° C would be much better. And there is no need to active A/C, which consumes much more power than with heating only and A/C off.


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Model 3 climate control

The Model 3 touchscreen lets you increase or decrease the cabin temperature by 1 degree Fahrenheit. But it seems like the smallest increment of temperature that one can really detect is around 2 degrees Fahrenheit. With touchscreen controls, minimizing the number of times that you have to stab at the screen seems both safer and more convenient. So why not give the option of changing the temperature by 2 degrees at a time?... more »


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