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HeatedSeat button (display) accidentally pushed when driving

WHILE DRIVING and reaching for the driver's side AC/Heat temperature left side temperature control ('<<'), many times also push the (driver's side) heated seat button by accident.  


Recommend that both driver's side / passenger side heated seat buttons be moved farther away from the temperature up/down cursor icons ... (perhaps even consider to move to the far left / far right).


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Skip/Rewind Podcast with buttons on steering wheel

At this time, the buttons on the wheel will skip to the next podcast. This isn't very helpful at all. When listening to a long podcast, the infotainment system will often lose your place when you finish your drive. It would be nice to have it begin where it left off. Since it often doesn't do that, it would be nice to be able to jump forward in programmable steps like 15 or 30 seconds rather than trying to use the progress... more »


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3rd row access button long-press

For Model X, add car software ability to treat long-press of rear seat entry buttons for non-folding middle row of model X the same as a single press. (Currently, long-press won't move seats enough to access rear row, and passengers get frustrated and can't handle/remember instructions to tap the arrow, don't hold it down.)


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Use scroll wheel to scan Sentry Mode footage Edited

The video footage could be rewinded 10s or jump forwards 10s using one the steering wheel scroll wheels. The other scroll wheel could be used for every 5s.

You should also be able to do this by tapping twice to the right or left of the video on the touchscreen. 

Additionally, add a button on the touchscreen to view the next or previous 10s (like in YouTube app)


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