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HOV Button in Nav Summary

An HOV on/off button next to the "navigate on autopilot" button so that it's clear whether or not the system is targeting HOV lanes in its route planning.


Navigate on Autopilot does some confusing route planning if you forget to turn off HOV preferences in the Nav options and it's not immediately obvious. A top-level button would make this more clear.


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Customizable Configuration Hot Button on Touch Screen

Would like the ability to have a hot button to quickly change a group of configurations settings to preset values and toggle back previous setting when touching the button. For example; invoke drift mode while driving. Similar to next generation sports cars with a configurable button on the steering wheel.


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Steering wheel scroll buttons change as wheel is rotated

Have the scroll buttons flip when the steering wheel is upside down or 180 degrees.

For example, when the steering wheel is in the straight position, the left side scroll button controls volume, next track, station, or favorite and the right side scroll button controls voice commands, adjusts my set speed and the distance I want to maintain from a vehicle traveling ahead of me.

What I am proposing will swap the controls... more »


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