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Support Bluetooth Aux Adapters

There are many Bluetooth to AUX adapters on the market such as the TaoTronics TT-BA07:

Having an option for Aux to Bluetooth would offer much better sound than Aux to FM. The Tesla Model 3 even allows this module to be paired as a Bluetooth device, however it pairs incorrectly. When the device is in Transmit (TX) mode the Tesla doesn't... more »


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Smart Audio: Spoken Word Support

When I am listening to an audiobook or a podcast I'm 100% listening. I want to distractions. If I do miss something, I need super fine audio scrubbing tools to get back exactly to the right spot so I can resume listening.

Currently when listening to spoken word audio via BT, there are no scrubbing controls. I have to go to my phone to find where I left off.

It would great if the car knew the audio playing was spoken... more »


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Bluetooth for disabled owners

I would like to suggest a Bluetooth connectivity ability to those with hearing disabilities & Hearing aids. Bluetooth would be able to speak to the driver with functions such as navigation, emergency vehicles approaching (which lane). For those who are deaf, Tesla can have visual/vibrations for autopilot, emergency notifications.


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Detect Driver in Seat Before Switching to Bluetooth Implemented

When a Tesla is unlocked and you're in the middle of a call, it's pretty eager to switch the audio from the phone over to the car. This can be frustrating when you're in the middle of a call and you are not even inside the car yet. Or when you're near the car and someone else gets in the car a similar thing happens.

Suggestion: use the seat occupancy sensor to check if the driver is in their seat. Once the seat is occupied,... more »


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Assign Mobile Phone to Profile and Key Selected

Sometimes when there are two mobile phones in the car, the car will connect to the passenger's phone instead of the driver's phone. It would make more sense if the car knew which mobile phone was connected to which driver profile and then automatically switch to the active profile when you get in the car.

Edit: Just to clarify some confusion here, this idea is referring to the Bluetooth connection of the phone (not the... more »


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