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Trailer backing aids

There is already a predictive path that shows on the reverse camera when backing up. An even more difficult task is trying to back up while connected to a trailer. The path of the trailer is opposite the path of the vehicle; unless you practice regularly it can be difficult and you can get yourself in a position that is hard to recover from in a tight space.

When the vehicle is in trailer mode, it would be extremely... more »


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Ask Elon / Tesla a Question

Can we get updated on Car to grid?

With Tesla already experienced with car to grid from the original roadster and the fact that Lucid, Polestar and Hyundai are all claiming to have car to grid, Can Tesla pleae confirm that future vehicles can work to support our Powerwalls in emergency backup situations? Those of us with roadsters will not be driving them as day to day cars and will have mid scale battery powerplants available when needed.


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Autopilot backup for hooking up to the hitch

Add an additional feature to the autopilot programing for backing up to hook up to a boat, trailer, RV or whatever one chooses to tow. With everything else that has been accomplished, this should be possible without a doubt. This will definitely set the Cybertruck apart from the competition and most of all, this just makes sense. This will make the owners life much easier by allowing them to start out their travels without... more »


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Manually adjust center-left-right position in auto parking Edited

Autopark usually center the car in the available place, no matter if the position is not centered between the lines. That is not the preferable option in whole of the cases.

It would be better if the driver could select the side to be fitted to, tapping the preferred side in the picture of the car and the blue lines.


That is specially important if you made recurrent parkings in the same places, so it would be a function... more »


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