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Assigned Supercharging Stall Number

Its takes a lot of savvy to know which is the best stall when you get to a SuperCharger. Most people aren't aware of how SuperChargers are paired up for example. And/or it can sometimes be difficult to even know which stall is which b/c the numbers on the stall might have worn off. Or worse, not all stalls are the same (ie, V1, V2, or V3).

The idea would be to simply suggest which stall is the best stall for you. Tesla... more »


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Park in Garage

I would like a feature where the car autopark in my garage, even if I need to use some kind of markings on the floor to help auto-pilot do it. I'd use everyday and it would be way better than the other auto park features that I never use because they are too slow or require parking conditions I never see out there.


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Auto park at supercharger

It would be nice to activate auto park at all supercharger stations.  I've seen way too many people frustrated and trying to back into a spot at a supercharger station.  If the auto park would automatically be activated for all Teslas at superchargers it would speed up the time and get cars into spots much quicker.  I recently witnessed an individual backing into a supercharger and damaging it.  This feature would save... more »


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Manually adjust center-left-right position in auto parking Edited

Autopark usually center the car in the available place, no matter if the position is not centered between the lines. That is not the preferable option in whole of the cases.

It would be better if the driver could select the side to be fitted to, tapping the preferred side in the picture of the car and the blue lines.


That is specially important if you made recurrent parkings in the same places, so it would be a function... more »


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