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automatic frunk opening (no app, no car display required)

it has always annoyed me, now with a little baby on my arm it annoys me even more

to get access to the frunk, e.g. with full hands in front of the supermarket, i either have to operate the tesla app or climb into the interior and open the frunk on the display. it's really annoying!


microphone/sonic sensor in the interior


if i e.g. knock 3 times on a window and at the same time i am connected with... more »


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Smart Seat Heaters / Seat Heaters Relative to Cabin Temp

Instead of manually controlling the seat heaters, it would nice if the seat heater temp would be controlled relative to the cabin temperature. So as the cabin temp warms up, the seat heaters slowly ramp down the heat so my butt isn't 🔥 .


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Automatic Highbeam sensitivity

I'm experiencing a lot of drivers in the opposite lane flashing at me because the Automatic Highbeam seems to react a little too slow.

Would it be possible to implement either a sensitivity setting to adjust, or a "I want to be more nice to my fellows on the road"-mode?

I also experience the high-beam turning on, and then turning off one second later when exiting turns or driving with cars in the opposite lane and far... more »


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Voice command and profile side windows

Example voice commands: open windows 50%, vent windows, close windows, open xxxx window.

Example profiles: Beautiful day windows open

Mobile app enable vent windows while in drive.

Personal reason for this is I like all windows to be at the same height. Aesthetically this looks much nicer when driving down the road. I typically manually bump window control lever multiple times trying to get the height set correctly... more »


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Seatbelt / Airbag PSI / Data Collection

When I was a kid, I was involved in a really bad car crash that almost cost me my life because I wasn't wearing a seatlbelt, and the airbag impact gave me anxiety for the rest of my life.

I eventually patented a seatbelt design that used sensors in seat to take weight of the passenger, the belts themselves measured the circumference of the passenger to estimate airbag engagement. Using the data collected from the seat... more »


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