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Detect Driver in Seat Before Switching to Bluetooth Implemented

When a Tesla is unlocked and you're in the middle of a call, it's pretty eager to switch the audio from the phone over to the car. This can be frustrating when you're in the middle of a call and you are not even inside the car yet. Or when you're near the car and someone else gets in the car a similar thing happens.

Suggestion: use the seat occupancy sensor to check if the driver is in their seat. Once the seat is occupied,... more »


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Improve Spotify

The in-car Spotify app is currently too limited in UI functionality and streams at very low bitrate. My proposal:

- Increase Streaming Bitrate for Spotify Premium Subscribers
The current streaming quality is noticeably low bitrate. I already pay a Spotify subscription so that I can stream high quality (320kbps) audio. If I have to pay for Tesla Premium Connectivity on top of this, then I should not have to take a bitrate... more »


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Music volume fade in after phone call

The Model 3 sound system is just brilliant. I like hearing my favourite sound sometimes a little bit loud. But did you ever get a phone call in such a situation? What comes after the call will blow your mind out of the head. 😳

The proposal is simple to fade in the volume after a phone call slow and smoothly and therefore protect your ears and make sure that you stay on the road when this happens.


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Navigation voice volume needs "Save"

I have a 2018 Model S. I like to keep the Navigation voice at the lowest setting possible. Whenever I'm listening to an audio source, whether radio, Tune-in or other, if I increase the volume while the Nav voice happens to be providing a command, the Nav volume is also raised. I then have to press the "settings" gear wheel on Nav to reset the voice assist to its lowest level ONCE AGAIN! Hrumpf! Can't a "Save" feature... more »


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Smart Audio: Spoken Word Support

When I am listening to an audiobook or a podcast I'm 100% listening. I want to distractions. If I do miss something, I need super fine audio scrubbing tools to get back exactly to the right spot so I can resume listening.

Currently when listening to spoken word audio via BT, there are no scrubbing controls. I have to go to my phone to find where I left off.

It would great if the car knew the audio playing was spoken... more »


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