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Car Wash Mode Implemented

Car wash mode:


* Turn off sonar sounds

* Fold in side mirrors

* Recirculate air

* Deactivate auto windshield wipers

* Keep car in neutral (even if seat belt unbuckled or get up front seat)

* Play Outkast's "So Fresh and So Clean"

* Confirm windows are all the way up

* Disable charge port door opening (in case it gets opened by mistake while in the automatic car wash


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Mobile App

Idle falling/low tire pressure warning

A Tesla owner should never be surprised when walking out to their car only to find a flat tire, because the car is capable of alerting them. Allow user to turn on reporting [to the mobile app via push notification] of tire pressure state when car is idle at user-selected intervals from 1 to 12 hours, on demand [via user tapping a button in the mobile app "Controls" section] with or without automatic reporting [via push... more »


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Mobile App

Provide app and/or API access to control the charge current

Third parties are coming to market to allow users control of charging at the moment of the best energy rate during the day.

This gives users the ability to save on charging costs and open opportunities to only charge when home Solar panels are providing energy. Smart Charging in general is becoming more important in balancing the grid and the only way today to integrate a Tesla into this mix is by starting and stopping... more »


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Tesla Insurance

I love my Model X and my Tesla App. I also have Tesla Insurance which was much more reasonable than my AAA. It would be great if Tesla could add an icon in the App called Tesla Insurance. It would have all of my insurance information if I ever need it in one handy spot. Also, Tesla owners without Tesla Insurance might want to inquire about it and the result would be a large increase in Insurance policies. I'm a retired... more »


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Make AC Charging Current adjustable via API

I am a Model 3 2020 owner located in Germany.

The AC charging current can be adjusted before and during an AC charging session from the car's center UI unit within a range from 5 to 16 A. That's great! The API allows external authenticated controllers to adjust and control some charging details (start and stop charging, target soc level), but it does not yet allow to adjust the charging current this way.

Adding this... more »


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