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Randomizer for Pin to start

Pin to drive is great, but to add a little bit more security it would be great to have the pin to drive randomize the numbers on the keypad.

I've had friends figure out my pin just looking at the smudges on the screen and if they can do it, so can a thief.

A randomizer wouldn't take much time to develop and does not require additional hardware. There are many people out there that lose their wallets and phones, this... more »


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Glovebox PIN lock Implemented

PIN to drive may work for starting the car, but a thief with the phone or access card can still access the car. There should be an option to prevent the glove box opening without the PIN so confidential information cannot be accessed


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3rd row access button long-press

For Model X, add car software ability to treat long-press of rear seat entry buttons for non-folding middle row of model X the same as a single press. (Currently, long-press won't move seats enough to access rear row, and passengers get frustrated and can't handle/remember instructions to tap the arrow, don't hold it down.)


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