commute caravan

Would it be possible to create a type of "commute caravan" option or mode, and would it be safer/easier/efficient? Where vehicles that are opted in to the mode can link with other opted in vehicles along the same route and create or join a "caravan"? Possible benefits:

- share cameras across caravan for overall traffic safety and awareness
- "drafting" to create power efficiency
- optimize power/braking efficiency across the group
- optimize traffic flow overall by handling the group as a single entity (like a train)
- possibly expand on autopilot with the increased visibility, awareness, redundancy and computing power

With GPS enabled and the destination set, if opted in, the individual could choose to join a caravan that had a similar route, even if only for part of the journey, and could choose to enter or leave the caravan at any time. If it increased travel efficiency, and reduced traffic, driver fatigue and power consumption, I could see owners be motivated to add/use the option over medium/long journeys. If in the future the technology existed to be able to share power across the caravan, thus extending the range of the overall caravan, that would be an added incentive.


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