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This is a video of the idea - my front door does not have the anti-slam device and the read door has the anti-slam device installed:

Many families have more than one vehicle and throughout the week ride in different vehicles whether it's a family car, a friend's truck, or a new Plaid, if you're lucky.

All of these doors are of different shapes and different weights, for example a BMW 335i coupe door weighs almost 75 pounds, the Model S door which I have this device installed on weighs just over 40 pounds, truck doors are heavy, and then if you look at the front and rear doors on a 4-door Wrangler (which are all over the place), those doors vary in size and weight.

Factors other than weight influence how doors operate such as their shape and size, the thickness of the gaskets or seals in the door area, and the door brake configuration. Going back to the Wrangler example, the rear doors appear to be 70% of the size of the front doors and must be shut with different force due to their weight and geometry in comparison to the front doors.

Those are some technical reasons excusing why we accept our doors getting slammed, and then there's the fact that some of our friends and family are simply oblivious.

This is important for a few reasons that vary depending on if you're a consumer or a designer. Looking at this from an owner / operator standpoint, repeated door slamming can cause damage. Cars are equipped with sensors, switches, window components, solenoids for door locks and occasionally solenoids even on latches. These components can be damaged over time after repeated abuse. In addition to that, it becomes very annoying to have to remind people to not slam your doors.

From a designer or manufacturer standpoint, this solution can simulate a luxury, heavy door closing experience without requiring the weight normally associated with that experience. If desired and able, designers can reduce materials and corresponding material costs without compromising owners' experience.  

Installing this type of solution in your doors will allow you to remove as much weight and material costs from the doors where you may not have been able to previously without making the door feel extremely light and cheap. This solution is adjustable to accommodate different Tesla door shapes and sizes, and can make a very lightweight door feel like a heavy, luxury vehicle door.

in addition to helping reduce material costs, the 1% - 3% reduction in overall vehicle weight will help improve efficiencies which I believe to be very important for electric vehicles.

The link below is a short snip from our video showing the difference between doors that use and do not use this device.  The front door does not have the anti-slam device and the rear door does.

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