Truck Bed Work Bench

Trucks have no efficient place for your tools, blueprints, computer, etc. when you're on the job site. They are filled with products that need to be cut, shaped, or designed to fit the designated need. Presently there is no solution for your truck to hold your tools and product while still working. You could bring an extra table but that takes up space in your truck bed. There is room for a table/work bench to be placed in the sides of your truck bed to always have a professional looking desk for your blueprints or a rugged workbench for your tools to work effiecently.

What the user experiences is a combination of ease of use, and the hassle free use of not having to pack work benches/desks to every job site they go. They carry it with them in a modular design to fit their needs. Users can make mounting spots for large tools like but not limited to cross cut miter saw, vise, router. It has a modular desk that can be adjusted to hold many tools not limited to vise, screw holders, pens and pencil holders, tape measure, vacuum, Lighting, and blueprints.


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