Toggle indicator triple-flash setting

I rented a Jeep (back when I drove my i-miev) that had this (along with creep on/off), and my dad's Mazda does both, too:


Add car software ability to let user set to turn off automatic turn indicator feature where, if driving without Auto Lane Change active, the turn indicators flash three times if the turn indicator lever is activated by the driver for less than a maximum amount of time (Three flashes is an unsafely low number of flashes, and currently, in the case of accidental operation of the turn indicator lever by the driver, or if driver changes their mind about changing direction, the turn signal will now erroneously flash for what could be more than 300 feet at highway speeds, which is confusing to other drivers and makes driver look and feel stupid.)

Similar to as suggested below— Might as well also add the option to

1. Cancel the automatic flashes with a quick flick in the other direction.

2. Enable the ability to choose the number of flashes from 1 to 10.


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