The famous Tesla Home Charger Network

There are many thousand of home charging points of Tesla drivers around the world. All dedicated only to the owner. Why not making this potential easily available to all Tesla drivers if they need a charge when out at a foreign place without a super or destination charger around. With just the following software extensions, this is easily possible:


1) Allow Tesla owners to register their home charging station with the Tesla account (location / connector / charging power / photo etc.)


2) Show the charging stations as well on the vehicles display and make it available for navigation on purpose


3) The smart Tesla vehicle software encounters itself that it is charging on such a charging station and calculates the energy with the corresponding cost (super charger price for example) to the owner of the charging vehicle.


4) The owner of the home charging station receives the corresponding amount of energy available to his account to be used at another home or super charger station.


Simple as that, with just some software updates here and there, the most big charging network in the world does become reality 😀

  • It would need an "in service" and "out of service" indicators for the owner to be able to enable/disable advertising their charger.

    Comment by Dennis Talley , Annotation by Rob Hoehn


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