Tesla needs to detect cars stopped/slowing down ahead earlier

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While on autopilot the Tesla needs to start braking way earlier than it currently does. At red lights in particular it keeps on the accelerator way too long and then slams the Regen and/or brakes too hard to stop.

The car should gently let off the accelerator the instant it detects a stopped/slowing car ahead anticipating it having to do a full stop. The gradual slow down instead of a jerky last second stop will make people feel better/safer about FSD as well as potentially saving a few watts by not using the brake and stopping so much.

The cars ahead take quite a while to show up in the teslas real time display when they come into range in front of the Tesla so I'm guessing the radar needs to be set to max range mode when no cars are detected in front and/or brake lights/red traffic signals detected ahead need to be acted upon earlier.


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