Submit Auto Pilot Feedback To Tesla Eng/AI

Let's have a way when autopilot/car goes wacky you could submit any/all data to the cloud. This would then get reviewed by Tesla Eng/AI and possible fix.




1) On highway and the car thinks that the Tractor trailer (next to me) is coming into my lane (when it didn't even come off center) and auto pilot swerves away.


2) There's an intersection where auto pilot steers into the opposite turning lane (wrong way).


3) When the car suddenly jammed on brakes for no(?) reason


4) When a person was RIGHT in front of me and no braking was done


5) Few "S" curves that the auto pilot takes way too fast.


This could be very useful *real world* data. There could be an "incident" button on the screen that you can press and keep eyes on the road. Once parked and in wifi you can fill out a little form with details, etc and then submit.


Phase 1 - might be alerts to say "watch out for a tricky auto drive spot ahead"


Phase 2 - take correct actions based in new software, etc.


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