Smooth out speed changes for Stop and Go

At low speeds in heavy bumper to bumper traffic, I like to engage TACC for safety. However, my passengers hate it because the system currently prioritizes maintaining a distance gap over ride smoothness.


The gap we care about should be one of reaction time, not distance, i.e. the slower we go, the closer we can safely approach the car in front. At 2 mph, we travel ~3 feet per second. The Model 3 is 15 feet long. So 5 seconds to hit a completely stopped object 1 car length away, but we can stop ourselves from 2 mph almost instantly if needed. We don't need 5 seconds, so we don't need to jerkily hit the brakes to maintain that space - we have plenty of time to slow smoothly to 0.


Similarly, at low speeds that are increasing but still far below the set point, we should not need to accelerate hard to close a distance gap (and having approached to a nearer distance at the prior stop would reduce the invitation for cut-ins).


The following distance really matters most at the set speed and allowing for more variance at fractional speeds will yield a smoother ride and a more peaceful experience in the universally annoying situation of being stuck in traffic.


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