Minimum charge limit for safety reasons

Sometimes, after enjoying riding our Model 3, we connect the car to our charger at home and we have only 10% of battery charge left. This 10% of battery charge is not enough to drive to the nearest hospital or useful for any other kind of emergency (friends/parents in need, zombie attack). Because I have set Scheduled Departure at 8 a.m. the car will not be charged all evening and most of the night.


This is why I would like Tesla to add a Minimum charge limit (see the image). So when you connect to the home charger, it will immediately start charging to this set Minimum charge limit (for example 30%). After reaching this minimum limit charging will stop. Then at the end of the night it will start charging again to the maximum charge limit for the Scheduled Departure at 8 a.m.



- Always some charge in the car for emergencies

- Leave your car at a low SOC (<20%) when cold outside is bad for the battery

- You can choose to use this feature or not (0% Minimum charge limit)

- Still have a preheated cabin / battery and working regen by using this in combination with the Scheduled Departure feature

- Other?


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