Lane-split mode for carpool lane

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Autopilot insists on staying centered in the carpool lane, even in bumper-to-bumper rush-hour traffic. This is dangerous for motorcycles who lane split in the carpool lane; and yet moving the car to the left side of the lane cancels autopilot. 😞


Being able to set a "lane offset" in the driver settings, so that in stop-and-go traffic in the carpool lane, you can have the vehicle hug the left side of the lane, rather than the center of the lane, would allow motorcycles to safely lane split without danger of taking off your passenger-side mirror.


Setting should automatically revert to "center in lane" if the speed rises above 30mph for more than ten seconds (indicating traffic has cleared up, and motorcycles should no longer be lane splitting next to you).


Setting should require driver to enable it each time, to avoid unfamiliar drivers getting scared by the car moving to the left on its own.


This would make rush-hour HOV lane use of autopilot *much* less stressful for both the Tesla driver and the motorcycle drivers.


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