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Idle falling/low tire pressure warning

A Tesla owner should never be surprised when walking out to their car only to find a flat tire, because the car is capable of alerting them. Allow user to turn on reporting [to the mobile app via push notification] of tire pressure state when car is idle at user-selected intervals from 1 to 12 hours, on demand [via user tapping a button in the mobile app "Controls" section] with or without automatic reporting [via push notification], or reporting at one or more particular time(s), which would be accompanied by a warning each time about energy consumption while idle since the car would have to be woken. This would probably only be able to take a baseline measurement of each tire when the car is first parked due to different pressures in each tire depending on how the vehicle would be parked, and report a green, yellow, or red pressure state by measuring changes in each tire pressure, but taking typical active/non temperature-related changes for that tire into account. This might also require the user to authenticate keyless driving for the car's computer to check, so the app should prompt user to lock the doors before checking, if they're not locked.


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