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Home Alarm Sentry Mode with possible Google Home integration

This is a feature request for those who park their Teslas in front yard of their residential homes in suburbs.


There are expensive surveillance cameras with expensive monthly subscriptions that provide a well featured front yard monitoring system that can tell apart person from regular motion to avoid false alarms. Such systems push notifications to smartphones only when a person has been detected and are capable of ignoring false alarms. As an example, Google Nest Camera starts at $150/camera and then subscription costs $5/camera/month.


Since Teslas, just like Google Nest Cameras, can already tell apart person from regular motion to avoid false alarms, then I would be more than happy to let my car act like my home front yard surveillance camera at the times when I am either sleeping or have left car at front yard while traveling. Obviously, this feature won't work when Tesla is not parked in front yard. Basically it would be super sensitive sentry mode.


Two add-on features:

* Google Home integration with Tesla Sentry cameras

* Ability to process RTSP streams from cheap 3rd party cameras to generate alerts when humans are detected. This Tesla software could run on 1) car's computer 2) cloud or 3) standalone device running Tesla software.



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