Emergency Lane mode for Autopilot on traffic jams

In Germany it is legally required to create an emergency lane between the leftmost lane and the one next to it when vehicles are stopped on the highway or move at crawling pace.

Create a mode for Autopilot in its menu, or a virtual button to tap on the screen when encountering a traffic jam, where if it detects it is driving on the leftmost lane, it will follow the car ahead like usual, but before stopping, it will try to drive closer to the left edge of the lane or over it while being aware of obstacles and barriers. If the car is on the second-to-last left lane, it will move right to the edge of the right lane marking. See Rettungsgasse for information.

If virtual button(s), it could be then two, one to confirm I'm on the left lane and another to confirm I'm on the second-to-left lane. These will only appear on the screen if the cameras and sensors detect being in a traffic jam.



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