Car Auto Seatbelt Fastener System (CASF system)

CASF system is  based on 3 rails which 2 of them are located over car door and one of them on the floor between seats.each one of 2 end of seat-belt is connected to the slippery piece that are located inside door rails and middle of it(seat-belt locker)is connected a slippery piece on floor rail.

after closing the car door by user, slippery pieces will be slipped to the aft side of rails by small electro-motor and will go to small/fixed rails and in these positions will be locked by intelligent lockers(special lockers),at this situation seat-belt  is fastened.

for providing more safety seat-belt will be connected to the powered points that is important in case of crashes to tolerst forces and shocks.

During leaving the seat for exiting the car at opening time,just a few moment befor the opening the door intelligent lockers release slippery pieces and push it to long rails, with continuous function of opening the door small electro-motor will slippery to front side of rails and seat-belt leave the user body and let him to exits the car.

This system can be designed as an extra system for installing over cares or can be designed  for new cares which be harmonize whit it's inside designing.

for emergency situation some action be tacked at CASF system to protect user in case of damaged car from door section and system are not able to release user or in case of removing door during crash that system can hold user inside the car.


  • Hi

    this way that showing in this video has 2 problem;

    1- there is one belt just on his shoulder that cannot support driver correctly.

    2- the edge of door is not enough stringed to support shucks during crashes .

    In my project there are 2 part of car seat-belt and after automatic fastening ends of...

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