Allow manual battery preconditioning for high speed charging

Add an option to manually initiate battery preconditioning for high speed charging.


In my home state of Tasmania, Australia, there are no Tesla Superchargers, but there are other third-party fast charging stations, including some new 350kW chargers. Unfortunately, because the Tesla Nav doesn't know about these third-party chargers, it doesn't know to begin preconditioning the battery for them, the way it does for Superchargers. Because of this, the car starts charging at a very slow rate, and takes a lot longer to charge than if it had preconditioned the battery.


It would be wonderful if Tesla could integrate awareness of third-party chargers into their system, but a very quick and simple fix until that happens would be a manual option on the touchscreen to prepare for high speed charging. To be honest I am quite surprised this ability is not already included - there are a lot of high speed but non-Tesla chargers in the world.


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