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When traveling longer distances or when your battery is lower it would be nice to enter all of the destinations you need to stop so the navigation can tell you if/where you need to charge during this trip. The function of this would act just like google maps, you could enter all your destination points in the order you need to stop at them, with the added function of routing you to chargers if needed, just like the current navigation. Until level 3 charging stations are as prevalent as gas stations we will always need to plan ahead for longer trips, this would ease the burden of that planning.


Example: I need to leave from home, travel to point A, then from A to B, then from B to C, then from C back to home. If this total trip is 400 miles I need to know this and have charging planned out.


Note: There are websites that do exactly this function (, but it would be nice to have this as a live, updating, function in the car, by Tesla.



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